our Chapter management team


Liv Hagen 

Major: Economics

Minor: Global Health

Hometown: Edgewood, KY



VP: Finance

Lauren Greminger

Major: Pre - Business

Hometown: Charlotte, NC


VP: programming

Morgan Quagliata 

Major: Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ


VP: Social Standards

Riley Ternan

 Major: Strategic Communications

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA 


VP: Communications

Shaye Wiley


Major: Graphic Design

Hometown: Bedford, NH 


VP: Member Education

Julia Matuszak

 Major: Nursing

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ 



Alex Will

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Martinez, CA



Georgia Killen

Major: Business

Hometown: Overland Park, TX


VP: Panhellenic

Alexis Sawyer

Major:Communication Studies 

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA


Joint Chapter Management Team 2018

Director of Recruitment Records: Olivia Chambers

Director of COB: Alexis Sawyer 

Director of Work Week: Michelle Devaleria & Emi Higgins


Associate Panhellenic Delegate: Maddie Ward 

Director of External Philanthropy: Caitlin Connelly 

Director of Interfraternal Activities / Intramurals: Caroline Renehan & Libby Porrey

Director of Fundraising: Kaitlin Soltis 

Director of Anchorbowl: Elise Romero and Cassandra Lambros 

Director of Service Hours: Karly Klepper 

Director of Braille Bibles: Brooke Eigenheer and Kaylynne Midgley

Director of Senior Programming and Senior Pursuits: Ireland Bos 

Director of Family Relations: MacKenzie cooper 

Directors of Alumnae Relations: Violet Loo and Sophia Garcia 

Director of Sisterhood Events: Natalie Hillman and Jackie Durnford

Director of Rituals: Courtney Lally 

Director of Scholarship: Sage Panarisi 

Director of DG Dialogues: Kate Knollenberg 

Director New Members: Gracie Hockstad


Honor Board Junior Member: Meredith Millholland 

Honor Board Sophomore Member: Cassidy Peterson 

Member at Large: Emi Higgins 

Director of Social Events: Jill Byers 

Director Social Event Logistics: Libby Engelland 

Director Social Awareness: Olivia Gaussoin 

Director of Positive Programming: Jordi Meye

Director of Funds: Summer Golden 

House Manager: Brianna Bauer


Director of E-Communication: Olivia Chambers 

o Collegiate Webmaster 

Director of Chapter Archives: Annabelle Arntson 

Director of Public Relations: Tessa Brown 

Director of Apparel: Alex Unflat 

Director of Graphic Design: Lindsay Browne


“The Lord is righteous and loves good deeds; those who do them will live in his presence.” Psalm 11:7I